ANYTI means "anytime, anywhere."


In Japan, there have been decades of research that demonstrate how hydrogen-enriched water enhances how our bodies feel and how we think. However, it has been so expensive that it has been inaccessible to the public. Now, Anyti-H2 makes it possible to reap the benefits anytime, anywhere. 


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  • Model: FAH1

    Dimensions: 1.06" (D) x 7.8" (L) or 27mm x 200mm

    Weight: 2.7 oz

    Power: Powered by one alkaline AA

    Electrode: Titainum + Gold + Platinum

    Unit Material: ABS Polymer

    LCD cover: PC (Polycarbonate)

  • We ship all over the world. While it's made in Japan, it ships from Seattle, WA USA.

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